Terms and Conditions

1. Digital files purchased and or downloaded from pptvba.com is not permitted for resell, reupload, or any other commercial activity with or without modification.

In order to procure a commercial license, please contact me.

2. You will NOT be able to view or edit the VBA Code in the PowerPoint Game Templates even in the paid version as to protect the integrity of the digital file. 

Refunds are NOT permitted for digital goods. Please cross-check the compatibility of VBA in your system before purchasing any files. In extreme cases where refunds are provided, the PayPal Seller Fees would not be refunded.

If any technical errors persist, contact us to get it fixed. 

Technical Errors shall not be entertained in the following cases:

  1. Your Microsoft Office Suite is not activate or isn’t a genuine product (illegally pirated) – thus causing the VBA codes to break.
  2. If the PowerPoint File is not run as described in earlier versions of Microsoft Office (2010 and below).
  3. If the PowerPoint File is not run as described in your macOS Microsoft Office Suite. VBA works best only in Windows and other Operating Systems cause technical glitches. Please confirm whether the game would be compatible with macOS before purchasing it. Right now, only Jeopardy & Who Wants To Be A Millionaire are supported with all the features. The other games are supported to an extent but few features would be compromised.
  4. If technical glitches arise after customisation that has not been permitted as per the features of the PowerPoint Game. Rather, request a feature by contacting me!
  5. If the interactivity and VBA doesn’t work in formats other than .ppsm or .pptm; such as: html5. Remember that VBA works only in the offline Microsoft Office Application.

These terms and conditions are subjected to change with the effluxion of time.