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In this Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial, we shall be learning how to make a Jeopardy PowerPoint Game Show which has an interactive scoreboard for keeping points. This PPT Template can be used by teachers in their classroom or by quiz masters to promote competition amongst the students!

You can also download the Premium and Advanced Jeopardy PowerPoint Template which has music, scoreboard, animations and transitions too! 

Click here for the free files

Jeopardy tut web

Hyperlinks in PowerPoint Games

We first need to understand and learn the functions of hyperlinks in PowerPoint before making Games in PowerPoint. We also have Action Buttons which are present within the option to insert shapes in PowerPoint.

Those Action Buttons have hyperlinks built inside them. We can use the “Return Action Button” to go to the Jeopardy Game Menu in PowerPoint. Basically, it takes us to the last slide viewed by the player.

Using these hyperlinks and action buttons, we can customise slide navigation by the click of shapes in your very own Interactive PowerPoint Game. 

Creating Jeopardy PowerPoint Game

In the first slide of our Jeopardy PowerPoint Game, we need to make the category titles and the question boxes. The official Game Show has 6 categories with 5 questions in each.

However, for the sake of this PowerPoint Tutorial,  I shall be creating 4 Jeopardy categories with 3 questions in each.

Insert three rectangle shapes in the first slide. They will be the $100, $200 and the $300 questions of Category One. I used the Gyparody Font which made the game look more authentic since it looks similar to the official Jeopardy Graphic!

You can design the shapes as per your requirements. I followed the yellow and navy blue colour scheme in my tutorial. You can use the CTRL key while dragging any shape to duplicate it. This nifty shortcut in PowerPoint has saved me a lot of time while creating PowerPoint Game Templates.

You can also add a Trigger Animation to make the shape clicked to disappear, so that the same question isn’t repeated again. 

Similarly, finish creating the Jeopardy Menu Screen with the required number of Categories and Questions.



Jeopardy PowerPoint

Download the customisable Jeopardy PowerPoint Template with an Interactive score counter which allows you to add and subtract points and scores from the three players on the click of those shapes. 

It also has Music, Animations and the option to toggle a winner. There is also the feature of “Final Jeopardy Question”

This Jeopardy PowerPoint Game Template will help teachers create their own custom Jeopardy game that can fulfill various objectives within the classroom such as:

1. Getting your students ready for a big test.
2. Revision of prior information
3. Preparation for a new chapter or unit in their subject!


Go to View > Slide Master and insert a New Layout. You can create and design the question slide within that Slide Layout.

We will be inserting that Custom Slide Layout within the Jeopardy PowerPoint Game later.

Also add the “Return Action Button” in the Jeopardy Question Slide which is created in Slide Master. This will allow the student or the player to be redirected to the Last Slide Viewed after answering the question and awarding points to the player.


Jeopardy tut web

Create boxes for the two players within the Custom Slide Layout itself. You can add two ActiveX Label Element within those two player boxes. Check the PowerPoint video tutorial on how it is done.

Change the Labels Properties (colour, font, size, alignment) and name them as P1 and P2 respectively, which stands for Player 1 and Player 2 in the Jeopardy PowerPoint Game Template.

Now go back to your Normal View and insert this Slide Layout in Slide 2 of your Presentation.


Double click the P1 or P2 Label which we created in the PowerPoint Slide Master. 

The Visual Basic Applications Window will pop-up. You can copy paste the following codes in the VBA Macro Window.

These sub-routines add +100, +200 and +300 in P1 and P2. We make this possible by modifying the ActiveX Label Element’s Caption.

Back in our PowerPoint Presentation, add shapes below both the Scoreboard Points Counter for +100, +200 and +300.

Adding Macros & Hyperlinks

You need to assign the Macro which the corresponding shape has to run when we click it during Slide Show Mode one by one.

Click on those shapes which has to increase the player’s score counter and go to Insert > Actions > Mouse Click > Run Macro > …

After you have assigned the macros to the shapes which would increase the points, you need to assign hyperlinks to the shapes which are present under the category in our first slide.

Select those shapes one by one and insert an hyperlink which will take the player to the corresponding slide.

The $100 question of Category 1 has to take the student player to Slide Number 2, the $200 question should redirect them to Slide Number 3 and so on.


'Macros for Player 1'
Sub P1Plus100()
P1.Caption = (P1.Caption) + 100
End Sub

Sub P1Plus200()
P1.Caption = (P1.Caption) + 200
End Sub

Sub P1Plus300()
P1.Caption = (P1.Caption) + 300
End Sub

Sub P1Reset()
P1.Caption = 0
End Sub

'Macros for Player 2'
Sub P2Plus100()
P2.Caption = (P2.Caption) + 100
End Sub

Sub P2Plus200()
P2.Caption = (P2.Caption) + 200
End Sub

Sub P2Plus300()
P2.Caption = (P2.Caption) + 300
End Sub

Sub P2Reset()
P2.Caption = 0
End Sub 
Sub Wager1C()
SlideLayout13.P1.Caption = SlideLayout13.P1.Caption + Int(Wager1.Value)
Wager1.Value = ""
End Sub

Sub Wager1W()
SlideLayout13.P1.Caption = SlideLayout13.P1.Caption - Int(Wager1.Value)
Wager1.Value = ""
End Sub

Sub Wager2C()
SlideLayout13.P2.Caption = SlideLayout13.P2.Caption + Int(Wager2.Value)
Wager2.Value = ""
End Sub

Sub Wager2W()
SlideLayout13.P2.Caption = SlideLayout13.P2.Caption - Int(Wager2.Value)
Wager2.Value = ""
End Sub

wager in jeopardy final question

A new wager feature is added to our Jeopardy PowerPoint Game Template which can be embedded in the scoreboards during a Daily Double or for the Final Jeopardy Question.

We can add an ActiveX TextBox Element below the ActiveX Label (scoreboard points counter for Jeopardy Contestants) in our PowerPoint Slide.

Two unique buttons are created by dragging and drawing a shape within the slide, they are placed next to the first ActiveX TextBox. Similarly, repeat the process for all the ActiveX TextBoxes.

The ActiveX Textbox serves as the input for the wager. The host can type the wager of the participants within the box.

Remember the set of two unique shapes? They are going to serve as the buttons which would run the Macro “Wager1C” or “Wager1W”. They respectively refer to the instance where the answer is correct and the participant wins the Jeopardy Wager in this PowerPoint Game Template and the other instance of them getting the answer wrong and losing the wager.

The values of the ActiveX Wager Textboxes are either added or subtracted based on whether the answer of the participant is correct or incorrect.

The values within the ActiveX Textbox is then reset after the wager is completed.