9 Steps to Create Jeopardy Game in PowerPoint

How to create Jeopardy PowerPoint Game with Scoreboard in 9 steps!

✅ Interactive Scoreboard & Points

In this Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial, let's make a Jeopardy PowerPoint Game Show with an interactive scoreboard within PowerPoint for keeping points. Teachers can use this free PowerPoint Template in their classrooms, managers in their company or quiz masters to promote competition!

PowerPoint Jeopardy Game - Tutorial
Total Time Needed: 15 minutes


- Microsoft PowerPoint


- Hyperlinks

Here is how we create an Interactive PowerPoint Quiz Game:

Step 1: Jeopardy Board Menu

Create the Jeopardy Board (category titles and question box) in the first slide of our Jeopardy PowerPoint Game. Also, add a Trigger Animation such that the shape disappears on click.
How to make Jeopardy Game in PowerPoint with ScoreBoard [Free Download PowerPoint Game Templates] 2-10 screenshot

Step 2: Disable Navigation

Under Slide-Show Tab, Click on Set-up Slide-Show. In the pop-up, choose "Browsed at a Kiosk". Click ‘ok’ to confirm. This will ensure that you can navigate in slide-show mode only through hyperlinks, the next and back arrow keys won't work in slideshow mode now.
Kiosk Mode in PPT Quiz Game

Step 3: Question Slide

Go to View > Slide Master and insert a New Layout. You can create and design the question slide in this Slide Layout. We will be inserting that Custom Slide Layout within the Jeopardy PowerPoint Game later. Also, add the "Return Action Button" in the Jeopardy Question Slide which is created in Slide Master. This will allow the student or the player to be redirected to the Last Slide Viewed after answering the question and awarding points to the player.
How to make Jeopardy Game in PowerPoint with ScoreBoard [Free Download PowerPoint Game Templates] 10-59 screenshot

Step 4: Player Scoreboard

Click on Developer > Label (ActiveX Element with a capital "A" icon). Insert that in the Custom Slide Layout. Select the label, and go to Developer Tab > Properties and change the colour, font, size, alignment. Name them as P1 and P2 respectively, which stands for Player 1 and Player 2.
How to make Jeopardy Game in PowerPoint with ScoreBoard [Free Download PowerPoint Game Templates] 4-48 screenshot

Step 5: VBA Code

Double click the P1 or P2 Label which we created in the PowerPoint Slide Master to open the VBA Window. You can copy-paste the codes present at the end of the webpage in the VBA Window. These sub-routines add +100, +200 and +300 in P1 and P2. The code basically increases the label (text) by adding the number that we want. We can run these macros on click of shapes below the scoreboard: Add a shape, select it (say $100 below Player 1), go to Insert > Action > Mouse Click > Run Macro > incase of the +100 button for Player 1, choose P1Plus100.
How to make Jeopardy Game in PowerPoint with ScoreBoard [Free Download PowerPoint Game Templates] 7-39 screenshot (1)

Step 6: Duplicate Question Slides

In slide 2, make sure the new Slide Layout is set by right clicking on the slide > Slide Layout > choose the custom layout that we just created. Then, duplicate that slide 12 times as we have 4 categories with 3 questions each.
How to make Jeopardy Game in PowerPoint with ScoreBoard [Free Download PowerPoint Game Templates] 9-0 screenshot

Step 7: Hyperlinks

After you have assigned the macros to the shapes which would increase the points, you need to assign hyperlinks to the shapes which are present under the category in our first slide.

Click on the "$100" of Category 1, go to Insert > Actions > Hyperlink to > Slide ... > Slide 2. Similarly, we have to add the hyperlink to all the 12 shapes.

Select those shapes one by one and insert an hyperlink which will take the player to the corresponding slide.

The $100 question of Category 1 has to take the student player to Slide Number 2, the $200 question should redirect them to Slide Number 3 and so on.

How to make Jeopardy Game in PowerPoint with ScoreBoard [Free Download PowerPoint Game Templates] 10-0 screenshot

Step 8: Reset Button

In Slide 1, add two boxes with the text "Reset Player 1" and "Reset Player 2". Select the first box and go to Insert > Action > Run Macro > P1Reset. Similarly run P2Reset for the other box. This would clear the value of the scoreboard.

Step 9: Saving the File

Make sure you save it in .PPTM format as we have included VBA Macro Codes. You can also save it in .PPSM format to open the file directly in Slide-Show Mode.Also, don't forget to add your respective questions in the PowerPoint Jeopardy Game that you just finished creating!
					'Macros for Player 1
Sub P1Plus100()
P1.Caption = (P1.Caption) + 100
End Sub
Sub P1Plus200()
P1.Caption = (P1.Caption) + 200
End Sub
Sub P1Plus300()
P1.Caption = (P1.Caption) + 300
End Sub
Sub P1Reset()
P1.Caption = 0
End Sub

'Macros for Player 2
Sub P2Plus100()
P2.Caption = (P2.Caption) + 100
End Sub
Sub P2Plus200()
P2.Caption = (P2.Caption) + 200
End Sub
Sub P2Plus300()
P2.Caption = (P2.Caption) + 300
End Sub
Sub P2Reset()
P2.Caption = 0
End Sub 

How to make Jeopardy Game in PowerPoint?

Using Microsoft PowerPoint, you create your own Jeopardy Game Show Template. Teachers and Educators use this Interactive PowerPoint Game in their classrooms to review their materials or prep students. Many students may already be familiar with the basic concept of the show. This game can be played in Zoom or Google Meet for family game nights, parties, office workplaces, events, get-togethers and more by simply sharing your screen and audio.

You can also download the Free PowerPoint Game Template below and customise the blank Jeopardy template by adding your own set of clues and responses.

The interactive score counter allows you to add or subtract points from the player scoreboards. The premium Jeopardy game also has Music, Animations, Daily Doubles, Wagers and the option to toggle a winner! It is time to become the host of your very own Jeopardy PowerPoint Game!

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