1. PowerPoint Quiz

This MCQ (Multiple-choice) PowerPoint Quiz Game Template is specifically designed for teachers, educators and professors. You can calculate the number of correct answers, wrong answers, questions attempted and give corresponding percentage, points, summary score and grade.

Institutions and companies can also use this to generate a certificate in the end of the quiz which can be printed if the student secures the minimum percentage. Visual Basic Code in PowerPoint is not very common but it is a nifty tool and can be used in many creative manners. I am using a basic code which increases the number in counters present in the scorecard slide.

Using VBA and Hyperlinks, we will be able to make an Interactive Quiz Game in PowerPoint. 

Hover on the following pictures to get more details! Click to download .pptm module along with code!

2. PowerPoint Counter & Scoreboard

This interactive PowerPoint Counter is a boon to many teachers in their classroom. They can easily embed this within their Group-Quiz and increase the competition and liveliness of their classroom.

Using simple VBA Code, we can increase the label’s caption by a specific value. We add the VBA code to a button or a shape in the slide, on clicking the button, the macro is run. The macro increases/decreases the caption of the label by +1 or -1. You can customize this to fit your needs

What are the uses of creating a PPT Counter?

  • In order to keep points/scores of a classroom during a seminar.
  • For keeping points of a sports game or an outdoor activity.
  • Using it in PowerPoint Quizzes.
  • Adding this too different interactive PowerPoint games such as Jeopardy.
  • Making a scoreboard

3. Fill in the Blanks in PowerPoint

Using a very unorthodox method, we can create a fill in the blanks game in PowerPoint. This module is one of the best in terms of customisation.

This module allows the student to type the answer in an ActiveX Element TextBox. We later cross-check the answer with the correct answer which is stored inside a shape placed outside the slide! We do this with the help of an If-Then-Else Conditional Statement.

It is very unconventional but it allows the teachers to quickly modify this template and change the correct answer without bothering them with any Visual Basic Codes and Macros.

You can use this for a variety of purposes in your classroom and keep all the students engaged in a game which you designed! Learn to create this now!

4. Countdown Timer in PowerPoint

In this module, we will be creating a countdown timer in Microsoft PowerPoint using Macros in Visual Basic Applications. Unlike other modules where VBA is not used, we do not have to type every single number and add animations.

We can also add more additional features such as having a notification via a MsgBox when the countdown is over or we can redirect the user to another slide.

This countdown timer can also be embedded throughout MULTIPLE SLIDES IN your presentation in slideshow mode. 

This PPT Countdown template can be embedded in variety of project, modules and PowerPoint Games. You can download this module and code for free and make your powerpoint presentations more interactive.


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