PowerPoint Games Templates


13 Player Scoreboards + 2 Rounds +
3 Daily Doubles + Final Jeopardy Wagers – and a Winner Slide!

Quiz Game

Import Questions from Excel + Generate Report Card & Certificate + Export Results to Google Sheets

Press Your Luck

6 Scoreboards + Animations & Music + 10 Rounds + Totally Randomised Points!

Millionaire Quiz

Interactive Lifelines + Sound and Animation + Countdown Timer + Import Questions from a Table!

Family Feud

4 Scoreboards + Unlimited Questions (Single, Double, Triple) + Fast Money Round

Scoreboard Quiz

25 Scoreboards + 5 Customisable Points + Auto Shuffle Q&A Order + Customise Design & Sound Effects

Fill In The Blanks

Type Answer in SlideShow Mode! Export Report Card & Attempts to Excel + Countdown Timer

Deal or No Deal

Customisable Case Values + Automatic Bank Offer + Animations & Music + 10 Rounds


Generate Excel Sheet Analysis + Scoreboard + Customise Question Range & Countdown Timer

Frequently Asked Questions

Windows: Yes, using Microsoft Office 2013 and above.
MacOS: Yes, using Office for Mac 2011, 2016 and 365. Fill In The Blanks, Quiz Game, and the Multiplication Flash Card Templates work with limited features on MacOS. Importing and exporting data to Excel is not compatible on MacOS.

The web-version of Office 365 or Google Slides do not support VBA. Only the offline Microsoft Office application installed on your device is compatible with VBA Macros which makes the interactive features in PowerPoint work.

Chromebook/Linux/Android/iOS:  No.
Smart TV: You can broadcast your MacOS/Windows screen to your TV.

The interactive features requires VBA compatibility. To test out the compatibility, please download the free demo file that contains VBA. Make sure to unblock the file, enable editing and macros (content) for the interactive features to work. 

After changing the team names, you can play the PowerPoint Presentation in slide-show mode. You can share your screen through Zoom/Meet/Teams/WebEx or any virtual meeting software and play the game with your students or participants. You can also play these games by presenting on a Projector or Television.

Make sure to share your system audio too so that your audience can enjoy the full experience of this PowerPoint Game Template!

Free basic files for all games are available on respective product pages or on tutorial pages. For Premium Templates, you can use TEACHPPT for 10% off. 

No, this game is only for your personal use. Reselling of the file is not prohibited with or without changes. Also, the VBA Macros Codes of the game is locked, so you would not be able to view or edit the code. Please contact me if you require a commercial license with additional features.

Yes, pay once, and use unlimited times!


Theses MCQ (Multiple-choice) Microsoft PowerPoint Quiz Game Show Templates are specifically designed to suit the needs of the teachers, educators and professors.

Using VBA and Hyperlinks, we will be able to make an Interactive Quiz Game in Microsoft PowerPoint. 

I have generously provided numerous free templates some of which do not contain VBA but just basic hyperlinks to take you to correct slide when you answer the question correctly and to the wrong slide when you answer the question incorrectly.

Download Premium Interactive PowerPoint Quiz Game TEMPLATE

Send Report Card to Google Sheets, Import Questions from Excel.
Make your quiz game in 54 seconds!


As seen on television, this American Game-Show is extremely popular and can be very easily implemented in your classroom as an alternative to a PowerPoint Quiz Game. It has many national iterations in various countries too as in India – Kaun Banega Crorepati.

My “Who wants to be a millionaire?” Quiz Game Show PowerPoint template has lifelines, animations, music and sound effects. I use VBA to make the 50/50 lifeline work and to keep track of the score. This is much more entertaining than a basic quiz game.

The free version of the template does not have few features but if you are a teacher willing to purchase this, I can definitely offer it for a very economical price.

Have a custom report card which generates the number of correct and wrong answer, grade and percentage. Have a countdown timer and multiple blanks in this PowerPoint Template. You can also shuffle the question slides randomly and export all the data in an excel sheet! 


Using a very unorthodox method, we can create a fill in the blanks game in PowerPoint. This module is one of the best in terms of customisation.

This module allows the student to type the answer in an ActiveX Element TextBox. We later cross-check the answer with the correct answer which is stored inside a shape placed outside the slide! We do this with the help of an If-Then-Else Conditional Statement.

It is very unconventional but it allows the teachers to quickly modify this template and change the correct answer without bothering them with any Visual Basic Codes and Macros.

You can use this for a variety of purposes in your classroom and keep all the students engaged in a game which you designed! Learn to create this now!


Free Jeopardy Interactive PowerPoint Template can be downloaded for free and can be customised to fit the needs of teachers in their classroom.

This game-show template is fully interactive and has 6 categories and options to give points to the 3 players who are playing this PPT Game.

This also has the “last question” feature along with animations, sound effects, music and realistic graphics.

Jeopardy! is a very common game-show in USA. This Presentation has been made interactive by using Visual Basic Application and Macro Codes. This allows the teacher to click on the dollar amount and using hyperlinks, they will be redirected to the question slide.

The teacher can very easily add the categories, clues, questions with the help of tables. My VBA code will transfer the questions added to the powerpoint slides automatically.

So get started! Download this Jeopardy template today and get ready to play in your classroom, reunion, training meeting, etc.