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Download this Fill in the Blanks PowerPoint Game Template, which can be repurposed as an interactive educational game, especially for ESL Spoken English Teacher.

They can have an audio file which can pronounce a word during slide show mode and the student can spell the word by filling it in the blank provided in the PowerPoint Slide.

This Fill in the Blanks PowerPoint Template is made in such a manner that you need not touch the VBA coding at all. 

There is no need for any database to store the correct answer value. It can be stored in the PowerPoint Slide itself such that it is hidden from the student.

There is a settings page in this PowerPoint where you can control all the features of this Customizable PowerPoint template – Shuffling Question Slides, Enabling Message Box Prompts, Allowing multiple attempts etc. and also customise it. 

Adding questions has never been easier! Right click > Duplicate and enter your question! 


Multiple Fill in the Blanks in PPT Slide

We can have numerous blanks in a single slide, thus allowing you to use this template in a versatile manner.

You can download the free template too which has this option. I have even made tutorials on the VBA Coding Aspect in my PowerPoint YouTube Channel – Bhavesh Shaha.

Some teachers might want to play a sound snippet and have the student transcript the word with the correct spelling, or they might play a whole paragraph and have the student fill up the correct answers.

Download Fill in the blanks PPT TEMPLATE FOR FREE1 - Download Fill in the Blanks PowerPoint Template Game

Send Attempted Answer and Report Card to an Excel Sheet

After the completion of the fill in the blanks template, the students gets a prompt via VBA to generate an Excel Sheet. The student can choose the location via the Windows Dialog. You can also have this process happen in the background without the student being informed.

The Excel Sheet consists of the student’s name, all the details in the report card and the answer attempted by them with the corresponding correct answer for the blank.

Fill in the blanks powerpoint module free download 3 - Download Fill in the Blanks PowerPoint Template Game

Customise Additional Features via Settings Page

You need not open VBA because everything can be customised in the user-friendly settings page.

You just need to input few values such as the first question and last question slide number, total number of blanks (since there can be multiple blanks per slide) and you’re good to go!

You can also enable and disable features in this fill in the blanks template from the settings page –

  • Shuffling Order of Question Slides
  • Enabling Message Box Prompts
  • Disabling Multiple Attempts per question

in the Fill in the Blanks PowerPoint Template Module.

Report Card + Grade

We generate the number of correct answers, wrong answers, percentage secured, score (which can be customised from the settings page i.e +10 for a correct answer and -5 for a wrong answer), grade (which can also be customised by entering the minimum value each grade).

Fill in the blanks powerpoint module free download 4 - Download Fill in the Blanks PowerPoint Template Game

Disclaimer: You will not be able to view nor edit the VBA Files in the purchased powerpoint game files.
You can request for features by contacting me.


  • Multiple Blanks
  • Report Card
  • Countdown Timer
  • Send Data to Excel
  • Customisation of Features
  • Flag Questions for Review


  • Multiple Blanks
  • Report Card + Points
  • Countdown Timer
  • Send Data to Excel
  • Customisation of Features
  • Flag Questions for Review
Play Video

The game works properly only in Windows.

Please cross-check the compatibility of the template by downloading the free version first.

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    Contact me [email protected] for freelancing your personal PowerPoint game templates or if you have any doubts/suggestions/comments.
    If you are a teacher willing to purchase this, I can definitely offer it for a very economical price.