Download Fill in The Blanks PowerPoint Game Template

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This template is compatible only on Windows.

Multiple Fill-ups in a Single PPT Slide

A single slide can have numerous blanks. It can also include sound snippets to test a student’s spelling or listening skills. 

Send Attempted Answer & Report Card to Excel

After the student finishes the game, they can save an Excel Sheet at a location of their choice. It can also be saved without the student being informed.

The Excel Sheet consists of the student’s name, report card, attempted answer, and the correct answer.

Customise Additional Features via Settings Page

Customised the game without coding using a user-friendly settings page. Input values such as the first and last question slide number, total number of blanks and you’re good to go!

You can also enable certain features: Shuffling the Order of Question Slides; Message Box Prompts; Multiple Attempts per question.

Report Card + Grade

On completion, a report card is generated with the number of correct & wrong answers, percentage secured, score (customisable, default is +10 for correct and -5 for incorrect answer), and grade (customisable)


Fill In The Blanks - PowerPoint Template

Windows: Yes, using Microsoft Office 2013 and above.
MacOS: No. The game uses ActiveX Elements to be able to type directly in slide-show mode, which is unfortunately not compatible with MacOS.
Chromebook/Linux/Android/iOS:  No.

The interactive features requires VBA compatibility in Windows too. To test it out, please download the free demo file that contains VBA. Make sure to unblock the file, enable editing and macros (content) for the interactive features to work. 

No, this game is only for your personal use. Reselling of the file is not prohibited with or without changes. Also, the VBA Macros Codes of the game is locked, so you would not be able to view or edit the code. Please contact me if you require a commercial license with additional features.