Download “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” PowerPoint Game Template with sound effects, music, animations for free!

As seen on television, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” Game Show is extremely popular and its game concept can be very easily implemented in the teacher’s classroom in the form of a Microsoft PowerPoint Quiz Game Template and make their teaching interactive and more engaging for the students!

You can download this fully customisable free template which comes with numerous features: music, sound effects, animations, lifelines, 15 multiple-choice questions.

It has many national iterations in various countries too as in India – Kaun Banega Crorepati.

I use Visual Basic Application (VBA) and PowerPoint Macros to make the 50/50 lifeline and the audience poll work and to keep track of the score.

The Audience Poll lifeline generates a random bar graph which has a 85% probability of getting the correct answer!

Download this free customisable interactive template of this attractive PowerPoint VBA Macro Game: “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” and import your own questions with just a single click!


PPT TEMPLATE Who wants to be a millionaire

Animated first slides (intro)

As soon as Slide-Show mode is toggled, beautiful transitions occur and the theme design is set in motion by native PowerPoint animations.

The logo pops up and rotates, a button with re-occurring emphasis is placed. Advanced Animations are done utilizing PowerPoint’s resources to the maximum level possible. The music also starts and makes the viewer feel like they are in the hotseat.

Fluid animations are present throughout the PowerPoint Slideshow which makes the player experience the realistic “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” experience.

Countdown Timer

There is a countdown timer clock for 45 seconds in this PowerPoint Game Template. There is also a time progress bar which disappears part-by-part as the time reduces.

The timer in the game starts automatically when the player decides to start answering the question.

You can not customise the time-limit in the PowerPoint Template currently, however this feature is on its way soon.

You can also contact me and request for more features which can be added to enrich this rendition of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” PowerPoint Game Template which you can download for free below!

Music and Sound Effects:

Sound effects and the original theme music has been recreated and added in this .pptm game template file.

The theme music is played in the beginning and the sound effects are toggled as per the press of correct and incorrect answers. The outro also has appropriate background music to recreate the immersive feel of this game.

Lifelines (Premium Template)

The lifeline: 50/50 is present. It can be used only once throughout the presentation. It makes 2 options which are pre-selected to automatically disappear.

This PowerPoint Template also has the Audience life-line which generates a random bar graph which is correct 85% of the time. This is made possible using Visual Basic Applications.

Import Questions & Shuffle Answers

You can type all your questions and answers in a table which is present in Slide 4. The answers are randomly shuffled in PowerPoint. This saves the teacher’ time in importing their question in this “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” PowerPoint Template!

Check the Table’s screenshot below: 

who wants to be a millionaire powerpoint template import questions


  • Basic Design
  • Import Questions
  • Sound Effects + Music
  • Time Limits + Animations
  • End Screen
  • Life Lines
  • Randomly removes two wrong answers as per 50/50 lifeline.
  • Has time-limit for questions along with sound effects.
  • Answers shuffle the order in which they are placed
  • No watermark!
  • Answer Box changes colour to indicate whether the answer is correct or incorrect.
  • 20 Seconds bar timer to indicate the time-limit
  • Sound Effects to indicate correct/wrong answer
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