DOWNLOAD jeopardy powerpoint template with INTERACTIVE score COUNTER & MUSIC

Download the customisable Jeopardy PowerPoint Template with an Interactive score counter which allows you to add and subtract points and scores from the three players on the click of those shapes. Thus, behaving like a jeopardy template with a scorekeeper. This was made possible by Microsoft PowerPoint VBA Macro Programming.

This free Jeopardy PowerPoint Game Template also has music, sound, 6 categories with 5 questions each, and animations; thus allowing the teacher to convert their classrooms into a reality TV Game-Show and encourage healthy competition amongst their students. 

PowerPoint Game Templates which emulate the popular TV Game Shows are a hit amongst teachers and business managers who want to make their classrooms or their workspace more interactive and genuine.

Templates like these are very easy to edit. You can add your own questions from the table present in Slide 3.

You can also input the name of the three players and the PowerPoint File will update automatically.

This Jeopardy PowerPoint Game Template will help you create your own custom Jeopardy game that can fulfill various objectives such as:

1. Getting your students ready for a big test.
2. Revision of prior information
3. Preparation for a new chapter in their subject!

Elementary school students and even High School students love being competitive. These type of games are fun and also gives them a break from the orthodox and normal classroom teaching which sometimes become monotonous.

Games such as these where you also have an interactive scoreboard points counter will guarantee you the apt attention of your students who will not even realise how much they have learnt by just playing this fun game of Jeopardy!

Learn to make Jeopardy Game in PPT

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Add your own questions by importing from PPT Table

You can add your own questions by typing it inside the Table present within the Jeopardy PowerPoint Game Template.

Double click the appropriate cell and type your question. The PowerPoint template will automatically update during Slide Show Mode by importing those typed questions. You can also change the name of the three players by typing in the other table present in the same slide.

All of this allows ease in customising this PowerPoint Game Template which is very beneficial for teachers and also saves lot of time! 

Also, you can take a printout of this slide alone which would prove to be useful while conducting and organising this game.

Interactive Jeopardy ScoreBoard Counter for keeping Points

You can keep track of the points of the player in this Jeopardy! PowerPoint Template with Score.

Click on the shape with the appropriate number which you would like to add to the score counter of that particular player.

The corresponding number which is to be added is highlighted. The above picture is the second question of the first category – i.e for 200 bucks; thus, the shape containing “200” is highlighted during slide-show mode. 

The option to subtract the scores is also available in the “Final Question” Slide.

Jeopardy PowerPoint Template with "Final Question" option

Here you can also conduct daily doubles or play along the rule book of Jeopardy in this “Final Question” feature present in the PowerPoint Game.

You have the option to add and also subtract points in this slide. The option to double the points will be added soon! 

You can click on the little circle shaped toggle button next to the name to declare a winner. A smooth confetti animation is played and the playerbox turns green!

Download Jeopardy PowerPoint Game Template with Sound & Music for free!

This game template comes along with the original theme music which is embedded within the PowerPoint File. It is played automatically in the background. 

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Disclaimer: You will not be able to view nor edit the VBA code in the purchased PowerPoint game files.
You can request for features by contacting me.


  • Music + Sound
  • Final Question
  • Scoreboard Counter
  • Import Questions
  • No watermark


$29.99 $10.99
  • Music + Sound
  • Final Question
  • Scoreboard Counter
  • Import Questions
  • No Watermark


  • Music + Sound
  • Final Question
  • Scoreboard Counter
  • Import Questions
  • No Watermark
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