Jeopardy PowerPoint Template

Up to 13 Player Scoreboards, 2 Rounds, 3 Daily Doubles and Final Jeopardy Wagers - oh and also, a Winner Slide!

Features Copy - Download Jeopardy PowerPoint Template with Score Counter & Music
Features - Download Jeopardy PowerPoint Template with Score Counter & Music

3 Daily Double in PowerPoint Jeopardy Game - Download Jeopardy PowerPoint Template with Score Counter & MusicAdd your own questions in the PowerPoint Jeopardy Template and set 3 Daily Double questions!

We also have a Final Jeopardy Question and a Winner Slide!

Screenshot 3102 1 - Download Jeopardy PowerPoint Template with Score Counter & MusicYou can also customise the countdown timer per question.

Download once and make unlimited Jeopardy Games. Share your screen in Zoom and play now!

This is easily the best PowerPoint Jeopardy game out there, Bhavesh was extremely helpful in customizing it.

I can’t wait to use this in my college classes (for exam reviews) and in the social committee (for faculty games) 



Play Jeopardy with your friends and family

Have a fun-filled game-night with the best PowerPoint Jeopardy Game Template!

My 7th grade students and I had so much fun with the Jeopardy game! It was a breeze to plug in my categories and questions.

The final question was a huge hit and watching them decide on their wager amount and competing against one another was super fun. They were engaged and 100% participation, which makes me, their teacher, happy!


👩‍🏫 Teachers

Customise this Jeopardy-Styled Classroom Review Game

Increase classroom participation and get students ready for a big test using the PowerPoint Jeopardy Game!

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Jeopardy PowerPoint Template

This Jeopardy Interactive PowerPoint Template with Scoreboard will help you create a custom game for your classroom, training meeting or game-night event.

Windows: 👍 Yes, the game works on your laptop or computer using Microsoft Office 2013 and above.
MacOS: 👍 Yes, the game works on your MacBook or iMac using Office for Mac – 2011, 2016 and 365.

Chromebook/Linux/Android/iOS: ❌ No.
Smart TV: ❌ You can broadcast your MacOS/Windows screen to your TV.

We can’t embed this PowerPoint Game in a web-page. If you require a sample file to test out the compatibility, please download the free demo file.

Yes, you can have up to 13 players and 6 categories. You can view this instructional video to reduce the number of players and categories.

No, this game is only for your personal use. The VBA Macros Codes of this game is locked so you would not be able to view or edit the code. Contact me if you require a commercial license with additional features.

You can open the Jeopardy PowerPoint Template and share you screen and audio through Zoom, Meet or other video conferencing applications. The host sharing their screen can choose the question, award points and set wagers on behalf of other players. He’d be the Alex Trebek of the group!

If all players are available in one room, you can broadcast your screen in the living room television and use your laptop to control the game.