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Virtual Piano That Plays Musical Notes

PowerPoint has lots of nifty tricks which can be used very creatively to create presentations such as these. In this PowerPoint Virtual Piano, we can actually play a piano by clicking on the piano key or if you have a touch-screen laptop, it could almost be the real thing! 

We attach a sound effect to the corresponding shape. On click of the shape during Slide Show Mode, the audio clip is played. This is achieved by selecting the shape, going to Insert > Actions > Mouse Click > Play Sound on Click

Music notes were taken from: www.modernmusicteaching.com

Insert > Actions is a versatile tool in Microsoft PowerPoint. The feature which we will be using is the “play sound on click“. A sound is played on the click on a button or a shape.

We use the audio clips from the different musical notes. They are played when a certain shape is clicked. We use different shapes to represent the keys of the piano. The notes are played when the shape is clicked.

This is a fun concept and can be developed into something very interesting. Using the similar tools, we can even make various kinds of virtual instruments. We can even make a launchpad!