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PowerPoint Multiplication Game - Random Flash Card Generator

Only one slide that would generate questions for you automatically. Randomly Generate Multiplication Flash Cards to create an Arithmetic Maths Quiz Game in PowerPoint

After the multiplication quiz game is over, the analysis of the student’s performance will be automatically calculated in an Excel Sheet.

Only one powerpoint slide which will create questions for you automatically.

The teacher choose the range of numbers (say 3 to 10) in the given PowerPoint Slide.

The questions will be then randomly generated to create Multiplication Flash Cards in PowerPoint. A smart algorithm is implemented so that easy questions such as 10*10 or 11*10 will be rarely asked.

The teacher can set the time-limit in seconds in PowerPoint itself.

A countdown timer would be visible in the top-right corner.

Once the time is up, a Message Box would pop-up and show the result (say: 37 questions correct out of 40).

A motivating quote would be present on the screen based on the accuracy and speed of the student.

If they answer slowly, the box would show “Answer quickly! The time is ticking.”

In case they get all the questions correct, “OMG! You’re on fire! Do you even need this?”

Beautiful and calming designs and animations are created which are cute & aesthetically pleasing to calm the nerves of the students while taking the multiplication quiz!

Designed by Tejasv Maheshwari

keepscores - PowerPoint Multiplication Game - Random Flash Card Generator

These PowerPoint Multiplication Flash Cards are used by 100s of mathematics teachers online classes!

Analyse the results of students with the amount of time taken to answer each question!

What are you waiting for? 

Features OF POWERPOINT Multiplication Flash Card GENERATOR

Type Correct Answer in PowerPoint Multiplication Slide-Show

PowerPoint Multiplication Game - PowerPoint Multiplication Game - Random Flash Card Generator

You can also choose to type your answer instead of having a multiple-choice review test.

The Multiplication Times Table questions are automatically generated as usual, the student can type their answer and press the enter button to submit their answer.

This version works only on Windows as it uses ActiveX Elements in Visual Basic Application.

In the end, the Multiplication Flash Card PowerPoint Template generates an excel sheet with the analysis of the student’s performance.

Generate Excel Sheet Analysis from PowerPoint Multiplication Game

Multiplication FlashCards in PPT - PowerPoint Multiplication Game - Random Flash Card Generator

After the multiplication times table review quiz is over, the analysis of the student’s performance will be automatically calculated in an Excel Sheet. 

The PowerPoint Multiplication Quiz Game Template prompts the user to save the Excel Sheet in their desired location and contains the following data points:

  • the questions asked to the student
  • their attempted answer
  • the correct answer
  • whether they got it right or wrong
  • time taken to answer the question

Customisable Range of PowerPoint Multiplication Flash Cards

You can customise the range of multiplication flash card questions to be randomly generated in this PowerPoint Multiplication Game Template.

Just change the numbers in the boxes present above Slide 1. 

Multiplication FlashCards in PPT 4 - PowerPoint Multiplication Game - Random Flash Card Generator

You can choose the minimum & maximum value. The new multilication flash cards will be randomly generated between the set range.

You can also customise the time limit (in seconds) for this Multilication Flash Cards PowerPoint Template.

Scoreboard to keep track of Number of Correct/Wrong Answers

keepscores - PowerPoint Multiplication Game - Random Flash Card Generator

There is a scoreboard at the bottom of the Multiplication Flash Card PowerPoint Presentation. 

The green box increases by 1 every time you answer a multiplication question correctly. Similarly, for an incorrect answer, the red box increases by 1.

This allows the student to focus attentively and increase their accuracy.

Stefan Geltl
Stefan Geltl
Great custom power point work!
James Harris
James Harris
Fantastic and easy to use. Great template. Can't wait to use
Tamara F
Tamara F
This was super easy to use and created a very high quality, fun game! Well worth the modest price!!!
Excellent service and prompt communication! Great product!!
John M
John M
The Millionaire game is absolutely amazing and Powerpoint VBA was a delight to work with. The game did have some technical issues with my school's IT department. However, he went above and beyond to troubleshoot the issues and he even created a brand new template for me to use without using macros, which eliminated the problem with my IT restrictions. Thank you very much for your help and I look forward to more games in the future that I am able to purchase and share with my class.
Kweku Hayford
Kweku Hayford
Amazing. Anyone who teaches should have this,
I am very happy with the product and all the support I had when wanted to make extra adjustments to the game. Communication was fast and efficient.
Paul Thornton, PhD
Paul Thornton, PhD
This is easily the best Jeopardy game out there, and Bhavesh was extremely helpful in customizing it just the way I needed it. I can't wait to use this in my college classes (for exam reviews) and in the Social Committee (for faculty games). Thank you!

PowerPoint Multiplication Template designed by Tejasv Maheshwari

Disclaimer: You will not be able to view nor edit the VBA code in the purchased PowerPoint game files.
You can request for features by contacting me.


  • MCQ Answers
  • Time taken per question
  • Countdown Timer
  • Motivation Bar
  • Customise range of questions
  • Generate Excel Sheet Report
  • Number of correct answers
  • No watermark

    *Type your answer works only in Windows.

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