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Create a PowerPoint Quiz Game in just 54 seconds

Type your questions and the multiple choice answers within the provided Microsoft Excel Sheet.

The PowerPoint Quiz Game will be automatically populated and the answer box order will be randomly shuffled.

You can also import a specific number of random questions from the excel sheet, thus the excel sheet can be considered as a library of questions for the PowerPoint Game.

A report card is generated after the PowerPoint Quiz Game is completed detailing the number of correct/wrong/missed/passed question along with the percentage, score and grade of the student.

The same data is exported to a Google Sheet automatically where a leaderboard of all the participating students can be set up.

You can set a minimum percentage that would allow the student to generate and print the certificate in the PowerPoint Quiz Game.

The certificate would contain the name and percentage of the student.

Each one of the students also gets a certificate at the end of the quiz to celebrate their hard work! The certificate is automatically generated for each student and comes print ready so they can show it off with pride.

All the details will be transferred to an Excel Sheet, including the questions, answer selected by students, the time taken to answer the question and whether the answer was correct/wrong/passed/missed.

The students can also skip a question and come back to the question later on by “flagging the question”.

At the end of the PowerPoint Quiz, the students can go through all the flagged questions and answer them.

The question order can be randomly shuffled to bring uniqueness to this Quiz Game Template.

It would also allow students to practice the quiz numerous times without facing repetition. The answer order is also jumbled so that the questions aren’t answered just by muscle-memory. 

A time-limit can also be set up within which the students have to complete the entire quiz.

If the time is over, their quiz automatically ends and the result slide with the report card is shown. The PowerPoint Game also generates the excel sheet and and sends the data to a Google Sheet.

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The Ultimate Powerpoint Quiz Game is an easy and fun way to engage your team and encourage competition and growth.

The automated template will save your time and you won’t have to edit each and every slide ever again!

Already downloaded by multiple innovative teachers and HR Managers world wide, the quiz template is perfect for classes, competitions, team building, and even for fun activities.

Add interactivity and healthy competition to your classroom today!

What are you waiting for? 

One-time Payment to make unlimited quizes

Please cross-check the compatibility of this quiz game on your device before purchasing. MacOS doesn’t support Exporting the Question to Excel & Google Sheets.


  • Export Quiz Result to Sheets
  • Shuffle Questions
  • Generate Report Card
  • Print Certificate
  • Reveal Answers
  • No watermark

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    Shuffle Answers, Multiple Attempts
    Customisable PPT Quiz Template

    This quiz template shuffles the answer order randomly and allows for multiple attempts.

    The student can keep answering the question until their answer is correct. 

    You can also change the colours to match your theme. Duplicate the slides and just type your own question!

    Download Interactive PowerPoint Quiz Game with Trigger Animations & Report Card + Grade

    Download the best free PowerPoint Quiz Game Template for your classroom today.

    This can generate a report card with points, percentage, grades, no. of correct/wrong answers and more!

    This PowerPoint Game has trigger animations to indicate whether the answer was answered correctly too.

    Answer Slide
    Customisable PPT Quiz Template

    You are redirected to a correct/wrong answer slide which acts as the notification for the student when they answer the question.

    You can edit the questions and duplicate the question slides.

    The colours of the quiz game can also be changes to match your aesthetics


    Import PowerPoint Quiz Questions from an Excel Sheet (Automated)

    Download PowerPoint Quiz Game 7 - Download PowerPoint Quiz Game Show Templates

    Type your questions and the multiple choice answers within the provided Microsoft Excel Sheet.

    The PowerPoint Quiz Game will be automatically populated and the answer box order will be randomly shuffled.

    You can also import a specific number of random questions from the excel sheet, thus the excel sheet can be considered as a library of questions for the PowerPoint Game.

    Send Quiz Results to Google Sheet & Excel Sheet

    And also, after finishing the quiz, each of your students gets a report card that details their grade, points, percentage, and number of right and wrong answers. All the feedback they need to keep improving and learning!

    You also get an excel sheet that details every person’s score, saving you the effort of correcting each answer individually!

    Flag Questions for Later Review in PowerPoint Quiz Game Template

    Download PowerPoint Quiz Game 8 - Download PowerPoint Quiz Game Show Templates

    Questions can be flagged so that the students can come back at the end to answer those questions alone.

    Customisable Features & Settings of PowerPoint Quiz Game

    Download PowerPoint Quiz Game 9 - Download PowerPoint Quiz Game Show Templates

    Everything in this multiple-choice PowerPoint Quiz Game Template can be customised:

    1. Option to randomise question order
    2. Total number of questions
    3. Minimum Percentage for printing the certificate
    4. Time Limit
    5. Correct/Wrong Answer Points
    6. Option to reveal answers
    7. Minimum percentage for grades
    8. Sound Effects for correct/wrong answer

    Your students will be delighted by the sound and visual effects on each, and get a detailed, automatically generated scorecard at the end.


    Teachers can now conduct Online Quiz Games in Zoom, Google Meet or Cisco WebEx using this PowerPoint Quiz Game which consists of upto 30 student scoreboards.


    Report Card + Points + Certificate

    This is the ultimate PowerPoint Quiz Game Template which can be downloaded for free from my website. You can customise it by adding your own questions. This involves VBA Macro Coding so you will be downloading a .pptm file.

    There are additional features such as Shuffling Question and Answer Order + Having time limit in PPT Quiz + Sending the PPT Quiz Result to an excel sheet.

    You can implement these features by following my simple PowerPoint Quiz Game Tutorial which I have uploaded in my YouTube channel.

    Stefan Geltl
    Stefan Geltl
    Great custom power point work!
    James Harris
    James Harris
    Fantastic and easy to use. Great template. Can't wait to use
    Tamara F
    Tamara F
    This was super easy to use and created a very high quality, fun game! Well worth the modest price!!!
    Excellent service and prompt communication! Great product!!
    John M
    John M
    The Millionaire game is absolutely amazing and Powerpoint VBA was a delight to work with. The game did have some technical issues with my school's IT department. However, he went above and beyond to troubleshoot the issues and he even created a brand new template for me to use without using macros, which eliminated the problem with my IT restrictions. Thank you very much for your help and I look forward to more games in the future that I am able to purchase and share with my class.
    Kweku Hayford
    Kweku Hayford
    Amazing. Anyone who teaches should have this,
    I am very happy with the product and all the support I had when wanted to make extra adjustments to the game. Communication was fast and efficient.
    Paul Thornton, PhD
    Paul Thornton, PhD
    This is easily the best Jeopardy game out there, and Bhavesh was extremely helpful in customizing it just the way I needed it. I can't wait to use this in my college classes (for exam reviews) and in the Social Committee (for faculty games). Thank you!