Deal or No Deal
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Automatic Bank Offer, 10 Rounds, Animations & Music - Just Like On TV!

Previous Offers and Sound Effects in PowerPoint Deal Or No Deal Template PPTVBA - Download
Randomly Shuffle Cases Values in Deal Or No Deal PowerPoint Interactive Template PPTVBA - Download

Deal Or No Deal Automatic Bank Offer PowerPoint Game Template PPTVBA - Download Automatically generates the bank offers and plays a realistic phone ring sound in this PowerPoint Template.

Sound and Music Download Deal Or No Deal PowerPoint Game Template PPTVBA - Download
Play the game with sound effects on every click – opening cases, declining a deal and all! Also contains the intro music!

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Deal Or No Deal - PowerPoint Template

Windows: Yes, the game works on your laptop or computer using Microsoft Office 2013 and above.
MacOS: Yes, the game works on your MacBook or iMac using Office for Mac – 2011, 2016 and 365.

Chromebook/Linux/Android/iOS:  No.
Smart TV: You can broadcast your MacOS/Windows screen to your TV.

The interactive features of the game will work only in Microsoft PowerPoint in a system that supports VBA. If you require a sample file to test out the compatibility, please download the free demo file (this is the Jeopardy Demo File, but if this works, Deal Or No Deal would work too). Make sure to unblock the file, enable editing and macros/content for the demo PowerPoint file, else the interactive features wouldn’t function.

There are 26 cases in total. You get to pick one case at the start. You are now left with 25 cases. Then, the rounds starts where you can choose the cases in the PowerPoint Game by clicking on them, the selected cases get eliminated. 

  • Round 1 requires 6 cases (26-6 = 20 cases left)
  • Round 2 requires 5 cases (20-5 = 15 cases left)
  • Round 3 requires 4 cases (15-4 = 11 cases left)
  • Round 4 requires 3 cases (11-3 = 8 cases left)
  • Round 5 requires 2 cases (8-2 = 6 cases left)
  • Round 6 requires 1 cases (6-1 = 5 cases left)
  • Round 7 requires 1 cases (5-1 = 4 cases left)
  • Round 8 requires 1 cases (4-1 = 3 cases left)
  • Round 9 requires 1 cases (3-1 = 2 cases left)

At the end of each round, the automatic bank offer is given which can be accepted or declined. When only 2 cases are left, you can choose a case that you’d be taking home (either the initial case or the left-over case). The non-selected case would be eliminated.

You can open the Deal Or No Deal PowerPoint Template and share your screen and audio through Zoom, Meet or other video conferencing applications. You can also play the game offline by broadcasing the game to your television screen or by using a projector.

The host can control the PowerPoint screen and click on the cases as and when requested by the player. They can add commentary and spice the game up during the bank-offer slides. This is a very entertaining fun-filled game. Further instructions are shared in the PDF booklet.

  • You must select one case at the beginning (click on the case).
  • In Round 1, you eliminate 6 cases by clicking on them. The objective is to eliminate cases containing lower denominations.
  • A bank offer is shared at the end of every round. You can accept or reject it.
  • At the end, when only 2 cases remain, you can select the one you want to take home (the initial case or the left-over case).

No, this game is only for your personal use. Reselling of the file is not prohibited with or without changes. The VBA Codes of the game is locked, so you would not be able to view or edit the code. Please contact me if you require a commercial license with additional features.

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